Ukai Q&A

The following are frequently-asked questions and answers on Ukai for your reference.


Frequently-asked questions and answers

Does Ukai fishing take place every day?
Ukai fishing runs every day during the Ukai season from May 11 to October 15, with the exception of the harvest moon period and when river water levels are too high.
Does Ukai fishing take place in rainy weather?
Yes, it takes place in rainy weather, although it is occasionally cancelled when the river water levels are excessively high due to heavy rain. The Ukai Viewing Boats have roofs.
Do I need to make reservations for an Ukai Viewing Boat?

Yes, you need to make reservations. However, if there are vacancies, you can go on board without reservations.

  • Reservations: Gifu City Cormorant Fishing Viewing Boat Office
  • 〒500-8009 1-2 Minato-machi, Gifu City
  • TEL +81-58-262-0104
  • FAX +81-58-264-2061
  • URL
  • E-mail
Do Ukai Viewing Boats serve meals?
If you reserve through the Gifu City Cormorant Fishing Viewing Boat Office, dinner will not be served on the boat.
You are welcome to bring your own meal or to arrange catering services by yourself.
For the Ukai package tours which include dinner, please refer to the next question.
Are there any Ukai package tours which include dinner?
Some hotels along Nagara River offer "Ukai full packages" which include accommodation, dinner, and Ukai watching.
For those not staying overnight at a hotel, hotels also offer "Ukai day trip packages" which include dinner and Ukai watching.
For more information, please refer to the Nagara River Hot Springs Hotel Cooperative Association.
Can I buy food and drinks at the boarding area?
You can buy drinks near the boarding area. However, foods such as bento boxed meals are not available for purchase there. Please note that there is no place to buy food or drink on the boat itself, so make sure to prepare in advance if you wish to have meals or refreshments on board.
Are the Ukai Viewing Boats equipped with toilets?
The special restroom boat
The special restroom boat
Some of the Ukai viewing boats have toilets.
If your boat is not equipped with a toilet, a special restroom facilities boat will be moored near your boat while your Ukai viewing boat is moored at the side of the river.
Please note that you cannot use the special restroom boat once Ukai has started.
What time does the Ukai performance end?
It depends on the starting time of Ukai and the total number of boats. In general, if the Ukai starts at 7:30 p.m., it will finish around 8:30 p.m.
How can I get to Gifu Station after Ukai is finished?
You can take buses from the nearest bus stop "Nagara-bashi" to JR Gifu Station/ Meitetsu Gifu Station until 10 p.m. and a little after.
For further information, please consult the Gifu Bus Web Site.
Can I watch Ukai without riding on a Ukai Viewing Boat?
On the bridge and the riverbank, you can watch Ukai fishing boats that are going down the river with their Kagari-bi (fishing fire lanterns) lit.
You can get a fine view from the Nagara River Promenade on the north bank of the Nagara River, which extends upriver (northerly direction) from Nagara Bridge.
However, since that does not give you as close a view as you can get from a boat, we recommend you to take a Viewing Boat to get an exciting view of the Cormorant Fishing Master and Cormorants.
Can we get on the Cormorant Fishing Master's boat?
I am sorry but visitors cannot get on the Cormorant Fishing Master's boat; the boat is very small, and it is very dangerous for all but specially trained Ukai personnel.
Can I eat the ayu that the cormorants catch?
The ayu that the cormorants catch are called u'ayu and are considered a great delicacy.
When a cormorant catches an ayu, it kills it instantly with its beak, ensuring that the fresh and delicious flavor of the ayu is preserved.
The bodies of genuine u'ayu are marked by the beaks of the cormorants that caught them.
Although you cannot eat the u'ayu caught onsite, you can make reservations to enjoy them at some of the hotels providing this service.