Gifu Nobunaga Festival

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Gifu Nobunaga Festival

Gifu Nobunaga Festival

This is one of the representative festivals of Gifu city held on the first Saturday and Sunday of every October.

This festival honors the feats of ODA Nobunaga, including his efforts to unify Japan with Gifu castle as his base, and also to celebrate his contributions toward the construction of Gifu city itself. Various events are performed, such as the memorial ceremony in Sofuku-ji temple (ODA Nobunaga's family temple), a colorful warriors' procession in the downtown area, musical band parade, etc. This festival attracts many visitors each year.


  • Memorial Ceremony for Lord Nobunaga
  • Musical Band Parade
  • Nigiwai Hiroba (the bustling square); A Pedestrian Precinct in Wakamiya-cho
  • Kogane Park Flea market
  • Lord Nobunaga Horse Riding Warrior Procession
  • Three-fold Matchlock Gun Shooting
  • Musical Band Parade
  • Citizens' Carnival
  • Nigiwai Hiroba (the bustling square) ; A Pedestrian Precinct in Wakamiya-cho
  • Kogane Park Flea market


Date The first Saturday and Sunday in October
Time 10:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Times may differ depending on the event
Location Downtown Gifu city
Access 5-15 minute-walk from JR Gifu station and Meitetsu Gifu Station
Parking Pay Parking Lots in Central City Area
Gifu Nobunaga Dosan Festival Executive Committee
(Gifu City Office Commerce and Industry Tourism Department)
TEL 058-265-4141 (key)


Tourist Information in Gifu City:
Feel free to contact the Gifu City Tourist Information Office when you visit Gifu City.