A Sample of Tourism and Convention Support Program

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A Sample of Tourism and Convention Support Program

Company or group seminars and/or sightseeing in Gifu Prefecture

Number of participants:
A group having more than 15 foreign participants staying at places of accommodation alongside the Nagara River.
At one of the major western-style hotels alongside the Nagara River
Conference facility:
Nagaragawa Convention Center: Tel: 058-296-1200  http://www.g-ncc.jp

Sample tour:

Day 1

Arrival at Nagoya Station or Central Japan International Airport annotation1
Nagaragawa Convention Center
Place of accommodation alongside Nagara River annotation2
18:00 board the cormorant fishing viewing boat annotation3 annotation4
supper served on the boat
19:30 (approximately) cormorant fishing starts
20:30 (approximately) cormorant fishing ends
Back to hotel.

Day 2

Go up Mt. Kinka by ropeway, Visit Gifu Castle annotation2
Visit Aqua Totto (Gifu World Freshwater Aquarium)
Gifu Station or move by bus to the next sightseeing destination. annotation5
  • 1: The expenses for shuttle buses can be subsidized.
  • 2: Japanese-English interpreter volunteers will be provided
  • 3: A 10,000 or 20,000 yen subsidy will be available for every cormorant fishing viewing boat (which can carry more than 20 passengers; maximum of 5 boats)
  • 4: Explanation on cormorant fishing (in English) will be provided by Imperial Cormorant Fishing Master, Board of Ceremonies and Rituals, Imperial Household Agency.
  • 5: If chartering a Bureau-designated tourist bus, a subsidy of 20,000 yen per bus will be provided (maximum of 5 buses).