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1. About Linking

Generally you are free to provide a link to this site.
However we ask you to keep in mind the following "notes" and "prohibited uses".


【Prohibited Uses】

  1. When we request you to delete a link, do so immediately.
    We reject links for the following types of website:

    • sites that are offensive to public order and morals
    • sites that promote unlawful acts
    • sites with libelous, slanderous or other derogatory content
    • sites that offend the property of others or defame them in any way
    • sites that are likely to cause confusion or misinterpretation to users
    • sites we consider to be improper
  2. Do not link our site in your frame.

Here is the banner to download for your use.

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2. Disclaimer

Gifu Convention and Visitors Bureau will accept no liability for any action that users take by using the information on this site, although we take all possible measures to ensure its accuracy. We accept no liability under any circumstances for any damages and losses that users may incur by accessing this site.
Although we provide links with other sites, we accept no liability for the accuracy and the liability of their operation.
The contents and URLs on this site may be changed or deleted without notice. Please note that the latest contents are the valid ones when they are changed.

3. About the copyright

"Experience Beautiful Gifu" and the information we provide in this site (texts, photographs, illustrations, videos, programs, etc.) are objects of copyright for Gifu Convention and Visitors Bureau and protected by copyright law.
No one can duplicate or divert the information without our prior consent, except for the approved actions under copyright law such as private uses and citation.